Ok, help me talk this out. About a month ago Violet was napping two to three times a day and only waking up once at night. In my book, that was money. The "bad" part of the day was getting her to go to sleep. Some nights that would take two hours of nursing/crying/trying again. But, she would sleep great at night. We changed brands of diaper and then, for no reason, she completely stopped napping. I will nurse her and she will fall asleep, I then transition her to the crib fully asleep and leave the room. 95% of the time she will be awake in twenty minutes. I first thought it might be the tiny bit of caffiene I was getting in my decaf coffee. Then I cut out milk (not dairy, just the extra milk I was drinking since that was a change). It seems like she poops herself awake. So that means she is pooping about five to eight times a day. Ok, all this being said, when it comes time to put her down at night, she goes down like a dream and STTN (till 5 or 8) on most days. So...Could the Huggies be to blame?Developmental advancement?Teething?Weird diet thing that is causing her to poop?What do you think?