I had tubal ligation back in 2007 after having two kids. My last cycle started on the 11th of last month (January). Earlier this week I did a monthly cycle calculator and it told me my cycle was supposed to start on or around the 12th and end on or around the 18th. But on the 12th I had very lightly spotted for that one day off and on like (I didn't need a pad or a tampon) and it was a pinkish brown color. After that day it hasn't done it anymore and I haven't been bleeding at all either. But I've been having light cramps like my cycle is going to start. I really can't tell if I'm having any pregnancy symptoms cause my nipples are already big and dark from my last two pregnancies. I always keep head aches and stay really tired but I've always had that. But lately my nose has been runny (with or without allergies acting up) and I've been having watery like discharge. I took a $1 test last night and it came out negative. Do you think i should take another test later and what do you think my chances are of being pregnant? I have read on the internet that 4 out of per 1000 women get pregnant after tubal ligation.