Hello Ladies.
So I finally got my period on 1/26/13. So I did the ovulation calander on here and I saw an estimate of when I was Ovulating. I have been so excited. My poor husband.. (secretly he is just as anxious as me) But I recently just got off my birthcontrol, I had the Mirena, I took it out in September, then switch to Generess Fe (pills) because we didnt know if we really wanted to try right away. I stopped take the pills in December. So needless to say i was excited to be getting a period. I know some people say after getting off the pills it will take a couple of months to concieve, Im hoping it doesnt but I know Im just being impatient. I just wanted to see if anyone else has any stories similar? I was surprise 2 and half yrs ago with my daughter while on my birth control pills, so I thought it would be easy again. If anyone has any storie for comfort Id sure appreciate it. It says with the ovulation calendar I can either expect my period on the 23 or get my BFP! I took a few days ago because I have been convinced something is up, Im eating alot more, Im extremely tired and moody. I sometimes have breast tenderness but not alot.
Thanks Ladies for all your help!