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    Hello Ladies.
    So I finally got my period on 1/26/13. So I did the ovulation calander on here and I saw an estimate of when I was Ovulating. I have been so excited. My poor husband.. (secretly he is just as anxious as me) But I recently just got off my birthcontrol, I had the Mirena, I took it out in September, then switch to Generess Fe (pills) because we didnt know if we really wanted to try right away. I stopped take the pills in December. So needless to say i was excited to be getting a period. I know some people say after getting off the pills it will take a couple of months to concieve, Im hoping it doesnt but I know Im just being impatient. I just wanted to see if anyone else has any stories similar? I was surprise 2 and half yrs ago with my daughter while on my birth control pills, so I thought it would be easy again. If anyone has any storie for comfort Id sure appreciate it. It says with the ovulation calendar I can either expect my period on the 23 or get my BFP! I took a few days ago because I have been convinced something is up, Im eating alot more, Im extremely tired and moody. I sometimes have breast tenderness but not alot.
    Thanks Ladies for all your help!

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    I'm so excited for you! Really hoping you get a bfp this weekend !!!


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    So I took a test, it was a BFN But still no sign of my period coming along either so Idk what that means, Im not getting my hopes up, I guess Ill get lucky when I can Goodluck to everyone else though, I hope you all get your BFP!

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    I hope you just O'd later than you thought, and your BFP is coming soon!
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    The cycle length and ovulation estimates are just that.... estimates. Every woman is different and every cycle can be different, it depends on you. Some women have longer cycles and some shorter, so I think it's key to start charting your cycles, and if you DO get AF you can start charting that day. But I hope you get that in stead!
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