I had 12 day appt yesterday to check how many follicles we have on this cycle. We did clomid days 3-7 and menopur on day 8. they said I have 4 good size follies! She then went on to scare me saying it was up to me if I wanted to continue with this cycle since there are 4.
I have had 2 IUI's before that resulted in one pregnancy (my son.) with my son I had 2 follies. the failed IUI I had 3 follies but my husbands sample was very poor so we knew we did not have a good shot at that one.

So I am freaking myself out....my husband and I both work full time and we do not have any extended family. The thought of having mulitples is scary! BTW I am 35 I was 32 when I got pregnant with my son.

would you move forward with the IUI? She also said I could do timed intercourse if I was concerned about mulitples. But since we have only had one pregnancy in 9 years of marriage (IUI)....pretty sure the intercourse won't work
She said I needed one more day for them to grow and to trigger tonight for IUI on saturday.
She also asked if selective reduction would be a possiblity and there is no way I could do that.