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    Has anyone went on a vacation while nursing without baby?

    We are going to be gone for seven days, our baby will be ten mom is worried she will miss nursing and be fussy while I'm gone....

    I attempted the last two days to jus pump and feed her.....and she still preferred to nurse aside from going on vacation in two months.... we did this just to see if she ate less often and she ate as often as she does when nursing......also she has become an occasional biter/puller

    I already hate the pump.....and I'm not quitting until she's one.....I made it this far....

    So anyways just advice in general would be great! Thanks ladies!

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    O I forgot to mention....we supplement at least one bottle a day(formula or breast milk) just to hold her over.....

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    Are you pumping now to build a weeks worth of milk or do you already have a frozen milk supply? I have gone on work trips for 3-4 days and pumped. it is a PITA but it kept my supply up. At that time it was too much of a hassle to keep the milk cold, so I just pumped and dumped .
    My suggestions would be to start pumping a few weeks before to build a stash and to see how many bottles your LO needs. My 7 month old goes thru 3 4-5oz bottles during the day and if I was gone over night I would want 1 morning bottle 3-4 oz and a bedtime bottle 4-5 oz. Calculate how much you will need.
    As far as pumping, I tried to pump as soon as I woke up in the morning(7am), then before lunch (10:30am), then again around 3pm. Then I would pump again before bedtime (630pm) (or your LO normal bedtime).
    Bring 2-3 sets of pumping equipment and bags (if you are able to save the milk) and bottles. You can ask the hotel if there is a refrigerator in the room. I was able to successfully request a refrigerator at no charge due to being a lactating mom (never know if you don't ask). You can fly with breastmilk as well. Also, bring a travel dawn to clean your parts or a microwave steam cleaner (if there is a microwave available).

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    Thank you!!

    We are staying in a suite, so it does have a fridge

    No frozen supply here....I save enough on my last day of work for her first day at daycare the following week.....

    Yesterday I just pumped and didn't nurse her at all and I feel like I made way more milk, so maybe I will be able to catch up.....

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