Hi ladies,

I'm out this month, but it's not a surprise. My dad took a bad fall a few weeks ago, requiring two brain surgeries. He never emerged from the coma and passed away on the 8th. Needless to say, I wasn't feeling up for a lot of BD. I'm ready to start pulling out the stops for the next few months and fertile time should be right during my birthday weekend in March! So, give me all your best tips!

I'm thinking of trying Pre-Seed. I don't have lubrication issues, but definitely want to make sure that I have a sperm-friendly environment going on. What else has worked for you?

We've been somewhere between trying and NPP for almost a year now, but our timing often doesn't turn out great. (Flu in January, Dad's accident in February, etc.) We were strictly NPP during the fall... and there was separate summer travel before that... ;o) We want to really give this a go for the next several months so we can seek out some medical advice this summer if we still aren't having luck.

I know that the stress of DH finishing up his job search (he has an offer -yippee - but is still hoping that the one he really wants will come through) and the stress of my dad's issues haven't been helping us, nor will they help us in the next cycle. But hopefully we'll emerge from all that soon. We're ready to bring some more good news into our lives!