I always wait a while after delivering to start trying to lose so it doesn't kill my milk supply. Within a month or so of the weight starting to come off I get AF back and the first 3 times before I got another cycle I ended up pg again. This time I got 3 AF before I got another BFP, but still here I am again. When I met DH (age 16) I was about 145-150. When I got pg with DS (4yrs later) I was 155-160. Now (6 more years later) I'm about 2mos pg with baby #5 and hovering right around 200 (199-202). I was up to almost 210 so this is progress, but it's been stalled out there for the last 3wks. I'm going in Thursday for my first appointment with the OB. Obviously I won't starve myself, my new baby, or my nurslings (yep, I'm still nursing the almost 1 year old and the 2 year old also) just for a number on the scale, but I'd love not to gain a whole bunch again. I want to be able to move more like I used to so I can keep up with my kids again. I know what I need to do - start eating more smaller portions through out the day and stop eating right before bed - I just need to stick with it. Life with 4 kids 5 and under just doesn't lend itself well to either. Fad diets and supplements aren't possible with pregnancy and what I really need is a lifestyle change anyway. I know I can do this. I just need to say it and stick with it.

Goal: 200lbs or less when I deliver in October
Plan: Stay active and eat smaller portions better timed throughout the day. Start cutting out soda - NO MORE AFTER THIS MONTH.
For the sake of my children I WILL do this and when I'm done I WILL start working off the other 40lbs I've built up.