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    Default For those of you with 2+ kids....

    I have always heard you show a little sooner with the 2nd baby than you did with the 1st. Just curious as to how soon I am only 8 weeks and people are already noticing! Altough I think I am mostly bloat I feel crazy when someone ask the sex of the baby and I'm like I'm only 8 weeks its gonna be awhile before we know Here is a photo...I had lost 26lbs before getting pg so the first picture is a weight loss photo from Dec 2012 and the other is from this past Sunday..same outfit

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    It depends on how much the muscles toned up in between. Losing the weight helps, but if the stomach muscles are still loose then you will show A LOT sooner - my sister's youngest is 3.5 and she still looks about as pg as you do now even though she's lost the majority of her baby weight (she had 4 kids in just over 7 years) and is done having kids. There isn't a whole lot that's safe to do while your pregnant to tone those muscles, but belly dancing does make the list (minus some of the shimmys and more advanced moves) and is soooo relaxing. No, you don't have to do it in a skimpy outfit in front of other people. It's a wonderful form of exercise that's great for your belly and legs. The music is calming and the movement increases blood and energy flow through the abdomen. After you deliver it will be good for reliving symptoms from AF too. Now I'm off on a tangent. If you're interested I can tell you more. If not, just enjoy your belly - I don't think you look quite 5mos btw. Some babies are just carried more out front too so it could just be that.

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    With my first I didn't show until about 19 weeks. With my second I started showing at about 15 weeks, and with the twins I started showing at about 11 weeks ( I was measurring about 14 weeks at that point.)

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    With this pregnancy, I swear I started showing the day after I took the pregnancy test!!! I was in all maternity clothes by 9 weeks.
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    I showed between 5 & 6 months with my first, between 4 & 5 with my second, and now with my 3rd I'm just starting to show and I'm between 3 & 4 months. So it's been true for me. I was joking with DH that one of these times I'll start showing before I'm even pregnant, lol!
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    I definitely showed earlier with my second but not as early with my third. With my first people didn't start asking if I was pregnant until I was about 22 weeks. With my second, people were asking around 12 weeks. With this baby people didn't start asking until I was 18 weeks.

    Now, I certainly could tell that my belly was different way before anyone else could do so.
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    I started to really show (in clothes) around 5 months with both kids...this time I think it will be sooner. I am still not showing yet, but I feel it coming!

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    For me its tough to say since I'm overweight to begin with -- but with my first I was probably noticeably pregnant around 25 weeks -- with my second I know I had to retire some of my regular pants around the 10 week mark... this time I've gone wide vs' round at the front (although that's obvious enough too) and definately am showing at this point -- but was more noticeable at about 16-18 weeks!!

    You slender ladies show much earlier than someone like me

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