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Thread: REALLY need some advice, suggestions, anything!

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    Default REALLY need some advice, suggestions, anything!

    I'm 9 weeks and DH and I had sex on Saturday morning. A few hours later, I went to the bathroom and there was some blood there and after I wiped. I'm not really cramping, but my stomach has been pretty tender off and on since. It's the only blood I've seen and it's everytime I use the bathroom (but not any other time).

    I talked to a nurse yesterday from the fertility clinic (I don't have a regular doctor who can give me more info because we are moving in 2 weeks) and she didn't seem too concerned, but she did say if something bad is happening there's not much that can be done so to just keep my ultrasound for next Monday, but I need to be on pelvic rest. I have seen and heard the heartbeat already prior to all this. I am also still having "morning" sickness and the nausea every day.

    Well it's day 4 of bleeding and it doesn't seem to be lessening and I'm not sure if my stomachaches are from growing pains, gas, or because I'm losing the baby. I had a missed miscarriage last year so none of this has ever happened before.

    Any similar experiences?

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    Default Don't really know... but a word of comfort

    I personally am pretty newly expecting, and I haven't had that happen, but I can pass on an experience that was shared with me. I'm not sure about the tenderness, that sounds concerning, but when I experienced some spotting a friend of mine told me that she spotted through her whole first pregnancy and most of the second and it turned out all right. Also just from comments the nurse asked at the time there is likely a connection between your last Saturday and the spotting at least. I asked several people and was told that if it's light it's probably okay, but to be worried if I experienced heavy flow, like your normal cycle probably plus more.

    I hope your ultrasound comes out well. It's probably best not to worry.

    If you have a history of miscarriage or a repeated history this might have some helpful info: I also had a friend who miscarried several times and she started having her progesterone levels checked to see if they were high enough. Hers were too low, which meant that the signal against her cycle wasn't strong enough. Progesterone shots are controversial about whether they encourage or prevent miscarriages and can be risky, but since she'd miscarried before and her levels were low enough they tried it and it worked for her. I hope some bit of this might have been helpful.

    Ladies if you know better, different, or have something to add go for it.

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    I experienced some bleeding after DTD at 7 weeks. The first day it was light pink and only when I wiped. Then the next day it was brownish and color and again only when I wiped. I was told by my nurse that if I was worried about it to come in as a walk in and they would have to see me, b/c I was bleeding. So I did and they did an u/s and we saw the hb again and everything was fine. I was told it was pretty common for some women to spot in the beginning stages of pg, although I didn't experience it with my DD so it worried me sick. I too had a miss miscarriage late Nov. I am not sure how your dr office works but I would try that, they would more than likely do an u/s I would think.
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    I have gotten a little sore and had spotting after DTD early in pregnancy and never had a problem. I hope it is all ok for you too!
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    This happened to me around 7 weeks until about 12 weeks. When I had an unltrasound, they found that I had a blood trapped between the uterine lining and the amniotic sac. It is normal and resolves itself. I had spotting for about a day after DTD during that time too.

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