I have been on birth control (Reclipsen) since December 16th or so. The week of January 27-February 2 was my last set of active pills for this pack, and the only slip ups I had was that I took two of them 30 min late. I have not taken any other pills off on this pack and have never forgotten a pill entirely in my entire two months on birth control. The week of Feb 3-9 was my placebo pill week but my period was over by Friday the 8th so my boyfriend had unprotected sex because I researched it and it said as long as I took my active pills faithfully I would be fine, which I did. Now it's a week later and I am experiencing all sorts of strange symptoms. Headaches (which I've NEVER gotten before), a little spotting of blood, back pain, and cravings. I'm seriously freaking out so much. How could this be possible? Am I pregnant?