need advice please!!!
Okay my LMP was 01-13-2013, my DH and I bd on the 18, 25, & 31... on Feb. 8 I began spotting, brown, only when I wiped. This lasted two days. On the 10, it became more of a red color, but still only spotting when I wiped, and very little on a liner. I thought it was AF coming early, but then everything just stopped, no more spotting. I began having cramps below my belly button and towards right side later that evening, and have continued since then. I have also had frequent heartburn, headache off and on, sneezing started this morning? Not sure what is going on, if I in fact experienced an early, very abnormal period, or implantation. My period should actually have started either yesterday or today, and nothing since spotting stopped, except I feel wet cm. I've taken two EPT hpt. One yesterday even, and this morning, born BFN.. lease help me ease my mind! What could be going on??