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Thread: early afor implantation? please help!

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    Default early afor implantation? please help!

    need advice please!!!
    Okay my LMP was 01-13-2013, my DH and I bd on the 18, 25, & 31... on Feb. 8 I began spotting, brown, only when I wiped. This lasted two days. On the 10, it became more of a red color, but still only spotting when I wiped, and very little on a liner. I thought it was AF coming early, but then everything just stopped, no more spotting. I began having cramps below my belly button and towards right side later that evening, and have continued since then. I have also had frequent heartburn, headache off and on, sneezing started this morning? Not sure what is going on, if I in fact experienced an early, very abnormal period, or implantation. My period should actually have started either yesterday or today, and nothing since spotting stopped, except I feel wet cm. I've taken two EPT hpt. One yesterday even, and this morning, born BFN.. lease help me ease my mind! What could be going on??

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    Just to tell ya my info : hope it helps. MY LMP was 1-11. I DTD around those times as well. On Thurs the 7th I did have some implantation spotting for a few days. Mine was always brownish light pink and very little. Now I don't have any knock on wood. I started having pregnancy symptoms shortly there after took a test on wens. of this week and sure enough BFP! Not sure how long ur cycles are but if you have had implantation then ur body starts to produce hcg which is detected in a pregnancy test. You could always re test in a few days. Otherwise call ur MD. goodluck and hope you find the answer you are looking for.

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