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    Anyone try magnesium supplements for their LOs to help calm / aid in sleep?

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    My SIL uses it for her toddler and feels it helps...she uses this:
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    I gave the Natural Calm a try when Emme was younger. It didn't do much. Melatonin is much more effective when she needs something to help her fall asleep. It still doesn't help her stay asleep longer than 4-5 hours though.

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    We did try some but don't remember the name. It was powered and I mixed it in his orange juice or apple juice. I think it did have a calming effect but did not resolve the sleep issues. DS1 issues are caused by anxiety and when he sleeps next to me he pretty much is fine 99% of the time. The other 1% is a mystery but I take it since till 3 years old he was up 10 times at night.
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