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    A little back story- DH an I have STC for 4 years an were told getting pregnant on our own was nearly impossible.
    On January 15th I had my first ever positive pregnancy test! I knew my cycle that time was off, I O'd late. DH and I only DTD once during my cycle December 30th. So I have gone to the doctor 3 times each time with a sonogram. The first time they saw nothing (January 21), second time there was a "grain of rice" (January 28), then the third time there was a Lima bean with a beautiful heartbeat of 108 (February 11). The little bean only measured 5weeks 6days. My estimate was yesterday I should have been 7weeks 3days. Has anyone measured that small before? I am kinda freaking out! I go back on February 26th for a follow up growth measurement. I feel like I am swimming an uphill battle and losing. I hope someone has some good stories to ease my mind! TIA

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    First, deep breath!! Don't freak out. Relax. That is best for that little miracle you have there.

    Now... If I remember right, your hCG is going up beautifully. Between that and not being totally sure about your O date, I think you are fine.

    While I understand how hard it is to not stress out, try not to. Luckily, your doctor is U/S crazy, so hopefully you will get good news every few days, and that will help you to feel better!


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    Congratulations Mama and don't stress You have a little miracle baby

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    Congrats!! that is truly amazing!! try not to stress cause its not good for little bean but take it easy and just be patient... i know easier said than done.

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    I've measured a little over a week behind before with a heart rate in the 90s...a week later I was only 3days off and heart rate was 150s...she's almost 6yrs old now !

    (((Big hugs)))...I know it's so hard not to worry ! Praying for you and your little bean!!

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