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    So I keep hearing I need to add more to my registry. My mom tells me I have plenty.Are there any must have items that first time mamas should know about ? Maybe I'm missing something ?
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    Must haves are different for everyone really. The basics are a place for baby to sleep, diapers, clothes, feeding supplies, and a car seat. Others things are nice but not necessary. I listed a bunch of things below to give you some ideas, but if you think you have all your basics covered then don't add things just for the sake of adding them.

    Baby fever medicine
    Baby orajel
    Nail clippers
    Infant mittens (to prevent them from scratching themselves)
    Breast feeding supplies if you are breast feeding-pump, milk storage bags, nipple cream, nursing bras
    Bottle brush
    Different size bottle nipples
    Sleep sacks
    Pack and play
    Baby seat (such as a bumbo)
    High hair (though you won't use it for a few months)
    Baby monitor
    Changing pad and covers

    Usually the registries offer suggestions, there are endless lists of things you can buy, but it's up to you what you think you need and/or will actually use. Good luck!
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    The basics I'd suggest are: bottles, bottle brushes, a breast pump if you are going back to work or breastfeeding, small swaddling blankets, carseat, stoller, crib once that converts usually has the most value for your money, crib sheets, outfits starting 0-3 or 3-6 which I'd recommend a lot of onesis for the early days because the baby isn't going to be comfortable in the fancy frilly stuff. A nice outfit for the first hospital picture if you want, diapers, wipes, shampoo, soap socks, and a baby memory book. I'd wouldn't worry about bumper pads unless they are mesh. Also, for guests with a smaller budget I'd recommend gift cards to whatever store you like.

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