I haven't been in this room in a while so I'm not sure who's still around that might remember me, but I'm back in the October DD room also. January marked 6 years since I found out I was pg with my first. I nursed him for 17 months and got 3 months rest before delivering my second child. She nursed for a little over 18 months before delivering my third child and tandem nursing them for a year before my second child weaned and got almost 4 months of just one again before delivering my 4th child. Those last 2 are the ones I'm nursing now and, as I said, I'm pregnant again - probably about 6wks along, I'll know more after seeing the dr next week. To make the math easy for everyone that was 17mos with the first, 2.5 years with the second, 26mos and counting with the third, and almost a year and counting with the forth. The first 2 self weaned and I'd like to continue that tradition. Typically my supply is WAY more than I need. When I'm not pg and only nursing 1 I have to pump or my nurslings get too much fore-milk and it makes them sick - not to mention the leaking I always have to deal with. I've donated thousands of ounces to other families and thrown away hundreds more when I can't find anyone who needs it. Tandem has been the best thing to ever happen to me with regard to nursing.

I tell you all this to ask a question. Around 6mos pg my supply always tanks on me - from overflowing to practically nothing every time, even when I only had one nursling at the time. The first couple times it wasn't too big a deal because my nurslings were old enough to make up for it with other food. Last time though Kimber (my third - less than a year old when my supply started to drop) took a hard hit -losing weight, slowing way down on milestones, etc - because I couldn't keep enough other food in her and she never fully recovered from it. She's not behind on anything, but she's just not as ahead as she was before it all. I made my decisions then and regret won't change it, but I'd really like to do it different this time. Selene will be about 15 months when I hit that 6 month mark this time which is older than Kimber was but still young enough to be getting mostly just my milk and water for fluids (milk intolerance runs in the family so I start it later than most). A lot of the things people suggest for supply just can't be done during pregnancy - fenugreek, prescriptions, etc. I know eating oatmeal might work and would be safe, but I'd like some other suggestions to ask my dr about next week also to make sure they're safe and I have a plan. Four more months seems like a long time, but it can sneak up on a person with so many little distractions to look after. TIA for any advise.