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Thread: Secular Scruples Poll #1: Inconsiderate People & Space Cadets

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    Default Secular Scruples Poll #1: Inconsiderate People & Space Cadets

    First in what may become a series of ethics discussions for The Secularium (if this pans out. ;)). Vote on the below and tell us why. (If you've never posted in the Secular sub-forum before, please start here first:

    I know "tolerable" is a pretty subjective term, and there are probably more than just two possible responses. But just for purposes of this discussion, the difference between the two would be that "spacey" is a forgivable quality in a friend, while "inconsiderate" is behavior you wouldn't tolerate in someone you know and you'd start putting distance between yourself and a person who is serially inconsiderate.

    Examples of where the line blurs between being inconsiderate and just plain unaware:

    • The busy friend who can't remember she volunteered to help you move and doesn't show up on moving day.
    • The driver who doesn't notice there's a line of cars queuing to exit the highway, speeds past all the people who'd been waiting for 5 minutes and cuts them all off at the exit.
    • That someone you know who comes up to you and starts chatting away about his day while your arms are loaded down with stuff. You're obviously struggling but it doesn't occur to the person to offer help.
    • The person who keeps trying to talk to you and doesn't notice you're trying get work done.
    • The friend who makes comments about your appearance that make you feel self-conscious, but just doesn't realize the comments make you uncomfortable.

    I'm sure there are better examples out there, but I hope these are enough to start discussion. Aaaaaaaaand go!
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