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Thread: my mother had a dream I was pregnant!

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    Default my mother had a dream I was pregnant!

    If I had intercourse February 4th and ovulation took place February 9th or 10th, could I have conceived?

    Just a bit concerned now because my mother told me today she had a dream that i was pregnant and with my first child she said the same i am a bit worried lol her pregnancy dreams for everyone in our family are usually right!

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    The general rule is that sperm can live up to 5 days - but really, sperm that live 5 days are supersperm. 3 would be more likely. I'd say possible but not very - IF you know you ovulated on the 9th, meaning that you were temping or using OPKs. If you are just going off your average cycle length and when some website said you likely ovulated - no idea if that's accurate or not, so really no one could say if it's possible you're pregnant. It could easily have been earlier or later.
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