Ds2's just had his birthday party yesterday at a kids gym. Most of the kids were from my mom's group but there were also 3 boys from his preschool class and 2 boys that are family friends. It was a big party (I did not expect that everyone invited would actually come). It worked out fine and everyone had fun. EXCEPT that one of the boys was coughing initially. Our family friend couple just recovered from the flu and the mom was very apprehensive about the coughing boy, S. I went to S's mom and she said S was sick some time ago but now fine and had the residual post nasal cough. His cough eventually went away which makes me think that she was right. Plus I have known her for several years and believe she won't purposefully come with S being sick. However, my friend kept making comments to me at the party. (The party was 10 a.m.-12 p.m.) In the afternoon, she texted me asking whether S was on antibiotics and what he had. I did not know the diagnosis and just repeated what the mom told me and also said he did not cough the entire time. This morning my friend texted me that her younger son is sick perhaps from S. Her son woke up congested with fever. I responded that he fell sick some 16 hours after playing with S, so maybe S was not at fault. My friend said how sad she was and how sick her child was. I could not help but texted back that CDC, WHO and other sites say that incubation period was at least 24 hours and that I am sorry but could not ask S and his mom to leave. My friend agreed that her son might have gotten sick somewhere else. But that got me thinking. Would you as a host ask a guest to leave if they appear sick? How about if you trust the mom? Do you feel like it is appropriate to expect that a host "police" her parties for sickness? If you attend a party where a kid appears sick would you leave or stay? I feel this is such a murky gray area. I am not sure what I was supposed to do. I feel like my friend was the only one making it a problem and the kid stopped coughing at some point which makes me think that he coughed out the mucus. I cannot be sure, of course.