babypayne: what is CD12? I understand most of hte abbreviations but not that one. I normally ovulate at say 18.

Here is a little history on me: My name is Kelly and I live in TX, I am 29 my DH is 32 and we are both healthy & active and have had two consecutive MC's within the last 6 months. we have been together for 5 yrs, married 1 year. I have never been on birth control & have tested for the blood clot panel, AMH, genetic carrier and thyroid. the next round of steps with my RE is this Thursday where they do a ultrasound while I am on AF, does anyone know what they are looking for when they do this test? All of my tests have came back normal so I am hoping I have just had a bad run of luck. I am new to blogging but have found this really helps with answers.

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I'm so excited and just had to share. I got an almost positive opk today and I'm only on CD12!!! I took some Femera this cycle and it's helping me to O early. (I never get a positive until dc 17) I should get my positive tonight or tomorrow. Eeeek. Dh and I dtd last night and am planning on it every day, for the next few days. ��