's crazy expensive isn't it !! I was shocked! I looked up IVF with frozen DE thinking maybe it would be less expensive than using my own eggs (no stim meds)...not.even.close!!! The alternative is doing IVF with DE out of the country which is about a third or less of the cost of doing it in the states .

With the SA...since you do get pg so easily I would imagine dh doesn't have anything overtly wrong with his swimmers . My RE didn't even test DH because he said I've been pg too many times for that to even be considered as the problem. So I would think SCSA would be overkill anyway?? Even if you eventually went to IVF, they'd have to redo his SA anyway.

I hope your b/w gives you some answers. It's such a dilemma...not wanting anything to be terribly wrong, but knowing *something* is wrong and so wanting the testing to be revealing !

That's interesting about your ANA...I haven't had mine tested in over a decade and wanted to request it, but lost my steam after my RE shot down my request for lovenox and dexamethasone, lol. Mine was mildly elevated once but they retested 3months later (protocol) and it was neg so they dismissed it.

Afm... the trigger is definitely kicking in, feeling tired, slight nausea, and sore bbs...just hoping this ends with the real deal !