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    Thanks Kelly and Cait! I've needed the words of encouragement. I've just been so down. I hope you both are doing okay! You ladies really are so lovely and supportive!

    I went to the doctor again today and spoke with an actual surgeon to get a referral for a surgeon in New York. He was SOOOOOOOO nice, I wish he'd be the one doing my surgery! He actually listened to me when I told them the dose and amount of pain killers was insufficient. He gave me 40 10mg percocets to get me through the 25 hour drive up north and the wait til I see the other surgeon. He actually showed me my MRI's and pointed out where things were supposed to be and where they weren't. He also shared with me that I have severe bone bruising on the bottom of my femur and top of my tibia and fibula, which the other doctor did not. I also came to find out that the other doctor NEVER LOOKED AT MY MRI?!?!?! He just told me what the MRI radiologist wrote in the report. UGH! He also pushed me to get a new brace from them that would have cost me $684 up front, out of pocket, and got real pissed off when I told him I'd look else where. I found the exact brace he wanted me to get from brace shop (dunno if I can link drop or I'd post it) and I got it for $160!! What a steal! I recommend if you need any sort of brace at all, go there! We even got it overnighted for like $40 which isn't all that bad.

    He shared with me the troubling news that with part of my meniscus being ejected from my knee joint and the damage done to what was left in place that after surgery it might not ever heal, and that to replace my ACL I'll have to have part of the hamstrings in my thigh removed and be used as the replacement and I'll have a 10% chance of tearing the replacement ACL after surgery. That percentage I can live with though.

    I'm kind of down in the dumps still, but feeling better, the pain is under much better control but I'm still kind of depressed.

    We'll be leaving Florida Friday morning and starting our long trek to New York, the long drive comes with lots of pain, I think I'll manage but it still makes me panic stricken. Although with all the downtime here I've gotten at least another 4 inches of width done on my Afghan (that doesn't sound like much but the afghan is 9 feet long)
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