Ugh, I have had a crap day. I ended up having a horrible allergic reaction to a hair bleaching treatment (my hair is vibrant pink so my natural black hair must be bleached to achieve this color) that proceeded to turn my face bright red, as well as my neck, and chest, it also made me break out into the worst hives of my life and swell horrifically in all of the aforementioned places.

To make things worse, DH despite being dressed and done with his shower while I was naked and broken out in hives on half of my body, told me that I would have to go downstairs to the store to pick up Benadryl myself. On the way down to said store 3 people including the store clerk told me I should go to the hospital.

I'm better now, I had to take double the recommended dose of Benadryl to control the reaction and promptly feel asleep after, still so mad at DH though, the only reason I even made it down to the store was because I kept using my rescue inhaler. Ugh.

Okay.. End rant.

Hope you're all doing okay.. I'm going back to bed.