Soo I'm really struggling on waiting to test :-/ lol.. So far I've been feeling bloated and extremely hungry almost All the time which is not normal at all for me cuz I'm very skinny person and can usually eat just a little and be full well not anymore lol for the last week or so I have been eating alot and then only a hour or do after I'm starving again :-/ lol I have been urinating alot more often it seems and although I haven't had alot of breast tenderness I have had a few sharp pains and tingling and yesterday my DH said he has noticed the veins on my breast are showing up Alot more and I can hardly stand anything on my stomach as far as tight waistbands lol and im having some break outs on my face and seems kinda flushed sometimes and Lots of hot flashes soo just trying to decide if I should test this week cuz I'm about 10 DPO today and AF is due anywhere from tomorrow - next Tuesday.. Sorry it's so long :-/ lol