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    AF was 3 days late and showed up 3/25-3/29. Ever since then I've had light cramps and the light pulsating in my head. My dbf & I BD'd on 4/7, 4/8 & my O day 4/9. Since then I've been extremely tired, sleeping all day. I only drink water and keep feeling extremely thirsty. If I'm counting correctly I'm 4-6dpo according to diff calculators and have had tender/numb nipples, lower back aches, restless sleep, body aches and today I got hot flashes/a bit of nausea but it went away. I feel bloated like my stomach is pushing out. Quite gassy tmi sorry. Also when I eat I'm either not hungry or what I eat is never enough.
    My gma told me she had a dream I wss pregnant & I hadn't talked to her about any of this.
    Could this be wishful thinking or could I really be pregnant? When should I test? Af is expected btwn the 4/19-21.

    Hey !!! So glad to see you made it over here ...woot! Your symptoms sound promising that your gma had a pg dream about you, that's awesome!! My 12yr old ds told me the other day he dreamed I had twins . You can start testing as early as 8dpo with sensitive tests like First Response Early Result but if you use Walmart cheapies (totally a viable 88cents a test, it doesn't get much better than that unless you buy in bulk online) you may want to wait until the 21st .

    I can't wait to hear how it goes!! Keep us posted *stalking*! ...try not to let the 2ww drive you crazy like it does most of us !! your second post ! I'm so sorry you're feeling discouraged (((hugs)))!! I sure hope you stick around...takes awhile for everyone to get to know each other but I promise, these are a fantastic group of ladies ! Not everyone reads every post, some ladies only get the chance to post once a day or every few days, and not every post gets a response so hang in there a little longer sweetie !

    I won't be posting in the ttc NET thread much because I'm in the Dec dd room now but wanted to pop in and encourage you since I'm the one who recommended that you try posting here . Thinking of you and hoping/praying you get a before long !!
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