I agree with Natalie! I was talking to DH last night and said that everyone is so much farther along in their cycles than me, and are getting BFPs. While I'm SO happy for everyone, I'm afraid I'll be left alone in here. Especially if I don't get a BFP this month! I know that sounds SO selfish, but this is where I come when I'm feeling crazy and know that I'll get answers and no judgement! I'd be sad to lose such a support system. And while I do stalk the DD rooms for updates, I limit how much I post (if at all) because I don't feel as if I've earned the right to be there, plus it's scary.

I think maybe if the PG ladies could still come around and offer support, help, and just talk about non-pg things (unless in a PM maybe, if they wanted) they could still stick around?

And Kelly, don't go anywhere yet... at least not exculsively! We still want updates and I don't want to be left hanging!!!

Natalie - your chart looks good!!!

Look at my temp guys! Still going up! Yay! Of course, I've never temped before... so this could be totally and completely normal for me and I just don't know it. That's how I feel right now since I'm so "symptomless" but we'll see. I'm just loving seeing my temp go up!