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Sara- I've heard some people just know! I totally get not counting your chicks, but I hope it means something for you!

So many green boxes on my chart! I'm so excited! Lol. Now if I could just get a positive OPK, I'd feel even more confident! I've had faint lines for 5 days! Apparently I just have LH in my system always, but it never progresses. LOL. My LH is broken. (PS. I know I'm not really broken... I hope. :-p)
Funny you bring this up. I was talking with the nurse at the RE's office on Sunday before my u/s and I said that I've been testing like I've been asked to, but that I hadn't gotten a positive and that I've never gotten a positive OPK...ever. Normally, I'm someone who gets EWCM for at least 5 days before O (induced or otherwise). The nurse said that someone women don't ever get positive OPKs. I always have a faint line on mine. I have other signs of fertility, so I don't stress too much about it. You might be like me in that you have fertile signs leading up to O but never a positive OPK. I hope that isn't the case because it drives me nuts. I hate spending money on OPKs because I have to when I kknow they won't work for me. Good luck!