Rach - your babes are so cute! Did AF come yet?

Kelly - good luck with everything!

Kay - ill be waiting for a pic of the positive opk!

Liza, cookie and gator grits - good luck with your upcoming iui's!

Natalie - are you using the clear blue smiley face ones? That's what I used this cycle!

As for me I'm almost halfway done with the TWW... My opk was positive last Friday so I probably o'd Saturday or Sunday. I've already been using some Internet cheapies because I'm crazy. I'm not feeling too optimistic about this cycle though I really want a December baby. My job requires me to work Christmas eve and the day after and my family lives in grand rapids Michigan while I live all the way on the east side of the state, and would like not to have to rush home. If we had a baby I would be on maternity leave also not really enjoying the side effects of the metformin I'm excited to get some testing next month if I don't get a BFP and maybe I can get some direction!