Awww, I'm sorry you may have to take a cycle off...that sure would be a busy month with the holiday and another b-day !

Karen, can't wait to see another test !

My spotting picked up this morning but stopped again so I'm hoping for BD tonight just in case it is some crazy o symptom. I was feeling a little down so I did some shopping therapy, lol, worked like a charm! I purchased two shirts and coordinating accessories...I *rarely* buy jewelry but Kohls was clearancing their fall/winter collections .

More than anything it was nice to get out of the house by myself for a little while . I get a little stir-crazy sometimes since I have no friends locally. We've been here a year but I haven't met anyone I've clicked with yet...which really, I'm okay with for now. Dh goes to church with a few of the older kids but I stay home with the littler ones since there's no nursery. I've been a few times but I'm kind of eh about it. Everyone seems so down and what's the point of going if you leave feeling like you've been to a funeral rather than a wedding, kwim?

Anyway sorry to, had an extra cup of coffee before I went shopping and evidently it's still in effect