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Thread: Really hoping these are symptoms

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    Default Really hoping these are symptoms

    I know the doctor told me not to get my hopes with the first iui, but I'm having symptoms I've never had before, and I'd rather ask you ladies than google. I also hope that my chart looks as good as I think it does :-) I've been having cramps on and off since five days post iui (they were the worst on day 5 and have been on and off since). I had my iui last Sunday morning, and Wednesday night I had a migraine so bad I couldn't see out of my right eye. I phoned the doctor, and they said to use caution with what I take, as every woman's body is different, and it could have implanted. Also (tmi warning), yesterday I began having creamy white discharge and when dh and I were BDing last night, he tried to be nice to the ta tas, but it only left my nipples sore (like I've never had since nursing!). I'm trying so hard to not get my hopes up, but it's really difficult!
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    Everything sounds really good and your chart looks great !! I'm so excited for you...really really praying this is it!

    (((Hugs)))...thinking of you !!!

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    It sounds promising! Praying you get your BFP and sending you lots of baby dust. When do you test?
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    It sounds very promising!!

    But, I always try not to get my hopes up. Plus, and this is probably just me, but I'll share my experiences anyway... The IUI that worked, I had NO symptoms. The IUIs that failed, I had very strong pregnancy symptoms- all from the hCG trigger shot. It seems as though the fake hormone affects me more than the real one, but that may just be me.

    Even with that said, I hope this is it for you!!! Darn 2ww...

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