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    Ok so a while ago, I posted how my husband and I are TTC #2. I finally got my period on 2/1/13! I was so excited and im not really familiar with how to chart or see when Im ovulating so we just have sex alot.. poor husband..
    Anyways, I know this will be TMI so im sorry, but tonight we had sex and he hit my Cervix (a few times), and it hurt but after we finished it didnt hurt anymore. I had a cramp moment but now its all gone. I dont think its me getting my period since I just had one.. but IDK. Can anyone help me? Should I be worried? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!

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    I wouldn't be worried...happens here frequently since I have a low cervix .

    Praying this is your month and you get a bfp very soon!!

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