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    Hi There Everyone, I think I need a little guidance and a little bit of input. I am an almost 34 year old gal and the boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years, we aren't trying to have a baby. My cycle is 23 days long and my last period was January 13th, we weren't very careful on the 22nd of January and then on the 27th I had some decent cramping and a couple of days later getting into bed I noticed my breasts were extremely tender. My period should have started on the 5th of February and here it is the 9th, I took a home test this morning and it was negative. The past few weeks I have been dealing with extreme fatigue, moodiness (the bf loves that), frequent unrination, some gas (I'm so not a gassy gal), bloating, lower back pain, tender breasts, headaches, and some off and on nausea. I'm wondering if I should get a blood test or wait a few more days and get another home test, since from what I can gather I'm just under 4 weeks if I am indeed pregnant. Also, what is a good home test to buy? I bought the EPT tests, thought they were decent.
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    You could definitely be pregnant. Buy a first response early response pink dye test and test again using first mornings urine. If its negative and you still don't get your period, call your doctor. I usually have 33 day cycles and I had a 44 day cycle once and I wasn't pregnant, just a flukey thing. Good luck!

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    I use the cvs version of first response with the blue dye, it sounds crazy but my positive came back on that two days earlier than the first response brand. Good luck ! Oh and it definitely sounds like you could be! Hope that's a good thing

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