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  • I always put the cart away, regardless.

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  • I only put the cart back if I feel its an acceptable/safe distance.

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  • I never put the cart away when I have the kids with me.

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  • Put the cart away? Why would I do that? I never do.

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Thread: Do you put the grocery cart back?

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    Yes, 100% of the time! Drives me batty when I see someone fully capable (meaning no kids, handicap, etc) either just let it roll or hike up in the grass or something. I once was parked in my car getting ready to get out when a lady (across the lot) just let her cart go after she put her groceries in the car and the cart ran right into my car (as I'm sitting in it). I was p!ssed! From then on, I vowed to always always put it back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakura View Post
    I specifically park near cart returns so that I can put the cart back.
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    I'm mobile, so I can't reply to the poll. Yes, I always put the cart back. Of course, I always accept when a bagger offers to unload my cart for me. That way, I don't have to worry about it .

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    Quote Originally Posted by macksmom View Post
    I also try to park near it because it makes it easier to GET the cart and then return it too. If I can't safely return it then I don't. Around here part of the job of the store employees is to collect the carts so I don't really see it as a big deal. I always see employees cleaning up the carts. I try to help if I can but I will not endanger my kids to do so! If I can't return it to the corral I put it in a place where it wont hit other cars or be in the way....
    This! If I don't return it, I always make sure it is at least somewhere that it can't roll away and hit another car, or blocking a parking spot.

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    I do if I'm within a reasonable distance. Sometimes I lock my kids in the car and walk it over, and then walk back, but very rarely do I do that, it makes me totally paranoid. I do however put the cart somewhere out of the way though, so no one hits it and so it doesn't hit someone else's car.
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    I always put it away. I have had a cart bashed into the side of my car by another vehicle because some lazy arse was too trifling to take the cart two spaces over. So, yeah, it bugs me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakura View Post
    I specifically park near cart returns so that I can put the cart back.
    Same here.....

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    Can't vote either.
    I put it away 100% of the time. Kids either come with me to put it away or I park close enough that I can put the cart away after buckling them in. It makes me insane when people don't put carts back.
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