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Thread: update on both kids...

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    Default update on both kids...

    ds.. dr is trying a claritin/flonase daily dosing to see if it helps his tonsils get a bit smaller... and wants to see him after 2 weeks of treating it as an allergy issue... if its not looking better then its an ent referral. however they won't remove tonsils and adenoids till after age 3 so we basically have to wait it out. unless he starts to gasp for air while sleeping then they will do it sooner.... so basically i have to drug my kid to see if it helps and watch his sleep so i know if hes breathing all night long or if hes stopping breathing

    dd.. the second radiologist disagrees with the first one and said its not a lymph node, that it is a lipoma instead (a fatty tissue tumor) so now we have to go to lurie childrens hospital for the surgical consult and see what they say.... they may biopsy it and leave it alone, they may remove it then biopsy it, they may biopsy it then remove it... all options involve sedation and a 90 minute drive into a traffic jam and road construction.

    alot of wait and see, alot of hope nothing gets worse, and alot of crying on my part. i am having a hard time knowing that both my babies have the potential for needing surgery in the next few months..

    any one that has any input on flonase and claritin please tell me what you think of it.... i am not sure about drugging my son just to see if it helps... so let me know your opinions on those drugs...

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    Flonase and claritin will not hurt him. Claritin is simply an antihistimine pill and if I'm not mistaken, Flonase is an antihistimine spray. Unlike Benadryl, Claritin will not knock him out.
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    Hmmm...It is never fun to have disagreement over what something is. I do hope that the consult for your DD goes well and they will be able to give you more information.

    As for your DS, I would probably try the medications first to see if he can keep his tonsils and adenoids. Those things are obviously present for a reason so I would much rather do what I can so that he can keep them. I've been on flonase (and other steroid nasal sprays starting when I was around 12) and on claritin (antihistamines never helped me but I do not have conventional allergies).
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    No advice, but I hope you aren't too hard on yourself about DS. You are not "drugging him up", you are following the advice of a trained medical professional who I'm sure is hoping to avoid surgery just as much as you.

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    (((Big big hugs))) momma! My heart goes out to you...not knowing is the hardest !!

    I would try the Claritin and flonase...I hate medicating my kiddos too but sometimes the benefits outweigh the risks, especially with a trial run.

    I had swollen tonsils for 12yrs after I had mono (epstein-barr virus) in high school. My Dr thought I had asthma and prescribed clarinex-D, singulair, and a cromolyn inhaler. I absolutely could not believe how well I could breathe...I didn't realize how difficult it had been for me, it was like I had grown new lungs! I had never been on allergy meds before but I'm assuming it was the clarinex that caused my tonsils to shrink. They're still enlarged but not nearly the size they used to be . I now take just loratadine (generic Claritin) and it works great to keep my allergies in check.

    My dd (now 16yrs) has had allergies since she was very young and I was always against medicating her. After starting the meds myself and seeing how much better I felt I took her to the pedi and he prescribed Allegra-D. She sleeps so much better which makes for better days too.

    I'm so sorry you're getting conflicting opinions regarding the lump...praying you get clear answers at the children's hospital!

    Thinking of you!!
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    HUGS! I could imagine how stressful it is - I would probably cry non-stop too. Keep strong - sending prayers to you and your family.
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    I hope you get good news on dd. waiting is awful.

    I have one of my guys on Allegra & nasonex which is a similar combo. I'm thrilled that he's not up coughing all night anymore. We just did allergy skin testing to hone in on his exact allergies and are trying to reduce his exposure to allergens in hopes of getting him off meds part of the year. Unfortunately, he's allergic to trees and I won't keep him inside so meds will probably be here to stay during peak times. I hope you figure out something that you're comfortable with using.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RaeJ View Post
    No advice, but I hope you aren't too hard on yourself about DS. You are not "drugging him up", you are following the advice of a trained medical professional who I'm sure is hoping to avoid surgery just as much as you.
    I agree with this. Good luck with both!

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    I would use the anti histamine meds in a heartbeat. I am more hesitant for other meds, such as antibiotics, long term use of melatonin etc. but claritin is fine in my book.Hugs for the biopsy and all related issues. Good luck
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    I'm sorry mama! Hang in there, and lots of prayers!

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    HUGS Momma!

    My DD1 was on Zyrtec and Flonase (similiar combo) due to allergy induced asthma. She had no ill side effects from either medication. In her case we used it along with a nebulizer (for her wheezing issues). I still perfer her to go on Zyrtec or the Zyrtec-Flonase combo before it gets to the point of needing the nebulizer. And, eventually she was able to stop them both and now I just give her Zyrtec as needed. My Dr. does prefer Zyrtec over Claritin though.

    Good luck and HUGS for your sweet babies! Hope this is all a distant memory very soon!
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    Cody has been on both for seasonal allergies and it helped him. Cody was getting headaches from allergies and it did not make him drowsy.

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