Well today was great fun and yesterday as well. And in saying great fun I'm being very sarcastic. Lol.

Yesterday was supposed to be the first visitation with the two petitioners along with mom. Well, I was nervous as heck about it, and then convinced myself it was a good thing and I was determined to win them over in case they were granted custody though it seems very unlikely. I also wanted to get to know the older son's grandmother so that, if we adopt, baby girl can have a relationship with her brother if she wants. Well...neither one of them showed up. And I guess it should make me happy, and it does, because it looks better for us, but it really made me mad too. I can't believe people would file a petition and get granted visitation to try to bond with the child they want custody of, and then just not show up. The fictive kin grandmother was crying in court and spent so much time talking to the GAL so I thought for sure she would be there, and she wasn't.

In addition to that, I took baby girl to get her cheek swabbed for a DNA test today and NO ONE told me that mom and potential dad would be there! I was so mad about that and still am! I was in a hurry too because I started baby girl in Kindermusik today and I had to hurry up and get there and I had to deal with both mom and the maybe dad. And while I'm glad mom feels comfortable enough with me to sit and talk and all, she basically got an unsupervised visit today while we waited and it was kind of my job to keep things under control and I didn't feel that was fair at all. She keeps asking us if she can have more visitation though obviously that has nothing to do with us. I think she asked for more and they wouldn't give it to her because she doesn't even think the baby is hers sometimes.

When I got home, I called the CASA manager for our area and talked to her about a lot of these issues. She said again that those petitions just weren't happening, especially after not even showing up when they had a limited time to try to bond anyway. CASA is wonderful and I would have lost my mind last week if it hadn't of been for them. They're keeping us sane...but seriously, didn't even tell me that I would be dealing with mom and maybe dad on my own... SERIOUSLY!!!! I feel like I've been a nervous wreck ever since it threw me off so much this morning. *sigh* Okay rant over. Baby girl is doing very well and is happy and nothing else has changed in the case yet but I sure wish DSS would have helped out a little more by at least telling me they'd be there so I wasn't ambushed.