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Thread: Am I Pregnant? Could I Be Pregnant?? Need Answers

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    Default Am I Pregnant? Could I Be Pregnant?? Need Answers

    There are 2 dates that I've had unprotected sex on. Dec. 27 and Jan. 16. i need answers on which date i should go by. i know it may seem a little dumb but this is how i look at it.

    - The beginning of my last period was on November 28. I had unprotected sex on Dec. 27. I was late for my period. On the 6th of January i started to bleed. It wasn't like my regular period. I wore panty liners because it wasn't heavy at all and it ended on the 9th of Jan. I read about implantation bleeding and that some people mistake it with a period so i just thought that it could've been implantation bleeding. So from Dec. 27 to Jan. 6 is 40 days. i usually have my periods on time but this time i didn't. Ever since i've been having discharges alot. I've been very gassy and have some cramps. I have taken home pregnancy tests and they've all come out negative. It's been 70 days since my last period so that's like 10 weeks if i am pregnant.

    - Now what if the bleeding on the 6th of Jan. wasn't implantation bleeding. what if it was my actual period?
    I had unprotected sex Jan. 16. I've still been having more of the discharges and still very gassy. I have more of the cramps sometimes. Then I noticed my nipples had a tingling sensation for about 3 days then it stopped. I've also taken pregnancy tests at this time but still negative. Its been 31 days since the bleeding on Jan. 6 ( which could have or couldn't have been my period ) That makes it maybe 4 weeks and a couple days if I am Pregnant. I still haven't gotten my actual period yet. So can i be pregnant but results come back negative?

    Throughout both of theses periods ( heading more into January ) I've been having these symptoms:

    - Very Gassy
    - Increased Discharges
    - Cramping
    - Bad Headaches
    - Little Fevers
    - Feeling Nauseous
    - Tingling Nipples ( only for 3 days )
    - Bloating of The Stomach ( sometimes goes back down )

    * I've also read that some women don't find out that they're pregnant till later on in the pregnancy

    I know people don't show much in the first trimester but this is what my belly looks like.
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    Its definitely possible. At this point I think you need to go to your doctor and request a blood pregnancy test, and to figure out what might be going on. Good luck!

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    Hey there - well, welcome to my world! For the past 16 years I have invested in more than 100 pregnancy tests because of an irregular period. Just this past Monday I did a test and it read positive and then the next morning I did another one and it read negative. I have been reading that false negatives are common, especially when the pregnancy is very early so the hcg levels are too low to detect on some tests, depending on the sensitivity. Just yesterday I went to the doctor. The uterus didn't have anything, but was swollen. The doctor did indicate it was too early to even see anything in the uterus anyway, but wanted to make sure. I went this morning to draw blood and going again Friday to draw blood, so the results of both days can be sent to my doctor, for my Monday morning appointment. Hopefully it is good news.

    I haven't had my period since December 26th. I have been having unprotected sex, several times this past month in January. BUT, only on 4 days of those times the guy ejaculated in me, the 17th, 20th and the 24th. According to the "My Days" app on my phone I had high fertility the week of the 15th, with an ovulation day of the 20th, but on this website I plugged the date of the first day of my period and the length of my last cycle, which was 42 days and it estimates high fertility from the 19th through the 29th, with an estimate ovulation day of the 24th, so for me it is up in air and the doctor wants me to monitor my cramps, just in case they get severe.

    I too have been having alot of diferent symptoms, but alot of the early pregnancy symptoms are similar to PMS, but as the doctor told me yesterday "you are pregnant" because I had a positive reading, which means hcg levels were in my system, which means, I am, or was pregnant. I still haven't had any bleeding of any kind, so I am just here waiting patiently for the results. I recommend you go to the doctor and get blood work done and a vaginal ultrasound. My stomach too has been bloated for the past week and a half or so. Good luck!

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    I would just go consult with your doc.... They can do a urine dip and order a blood test. Good luck, whichever way you prefer your outcome!
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