There are 2 dates that I've had unprotected sex on. Dec. 27 and Jan. 16. i need answers on which date i should go by. i know it may seem a little dumb but this is how i look at it.

- The beginning of my last period was on November 28. I had unprotected sex on Dec. 27. I was late for my period. On the 6th of January i started to bleed. It wasn't like my regular period. I wore panty liners because it wasn't heavy at all and it ended on the 9th of Jan. I read about implantation bleeding and that some people mistake it with a period so i just thought that it could've been implantation bleeding. So from Dec. 27 to Jan. 6 is 40 days. i usually have my periods on time but this time i didn't. Ever since i've been having discharges alot. I've been very gassy and have some cramps. I have taken home pregnancy tests and they've all come out negative. It's been 70 days since my last period so that's like 10 weeks if i am pregnant.

- Now what if the bleeding on the 6th of Jan. wasn't implantation bleeding. what if it was my actual period?
I had unprotected sex Jan. 16. I've still been having more of the discharges and still very gassy. I have more of the cramps sometimes. Then I noticed my nipples had a tingling sensation for about 3 days then it stopped. I've also taken pregnancy tests at this time but still negative. Its been 31 days since the bleeding on Jan. 6 ( which could have or couldn't have been my period ) That makes it maybe 4 weeks and a couple days if I am Pregnant. I still haven't gotten my actual period yet. So can i be pregnant but results come back negative?

Throughout both of theses periods ( heading more into January ) I've been having these symptoms:

- Very Gassy
- Increased Discharges
- Cramping
- Bad Headaches
- Little Fevers
- Feeling Nauseous
- Tingling Nipples ( only for 3 days )
- Bloating of The Stomach ( sometimes goes back down )

* I've also read that some women don't find out that they're pregnant till later on in the pregnancy

I know people don't show much in the first trimester but this is what my belly looks like.
sometimes i can suck it in , but other times i can't