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    Question Is it Possible?

    First of all, I'm on birth control. The generic of Seasonique, so at the end of my three months I take the yellow pills that would bring about my period. The yellow pills started on a Sunday (January 20th), but my "period" didn't come until afternoon Wednesday (Jan 23) (later than it usually does). I had sex Sunday (20th), Monday (21st), and Tuesday (22nd) of that week without protection. My period was lighter on the first day and got heavier, darker on the second day with horrible cramps (I haven't gotten cramps that bad since high school) and then it basically stopped around the 4th day. My period usually lasts the whole 6/7 days of the yellow pills. I usually have to take my blue active pills to get it to stop. I'm experiencing bouts of lower back pain, my nipples are sore and tingling from time to time (sometimes hurting worse than others, sometimes feel itchy but hurts to scratch), also my nipples randomly get hard and ache, it feels like I have to pee every 30 mins, and in the morning I sometimes feel like someone punched me or I did a 1000 crunches in my lower stomach (I don't work out often), felt very nauseous after eating dinner last night, and my boyfriend has been commenting on how I always want to sleep or take a nap. Plus one minute I'm ready to fight someone and then the next, I'm calm. Little things have been setting me off lately. I can eat anything without getting full and I've been craving chicken nuggets and BBQ sauce lately. I have since started back up on my blue active pills (Jan 27th).

    Is it possible to be pregnant? Or is it just my birth control messing with me?
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