I had a temp drop this morning, but am wondering if that should leave me concerned. I had an IUI yesterday morning, following a trigger shot on Friday night. When I went for my IUI yesterday, the nurse said I had tons of mucus on my cervix, so between the ultrasound on Friday (one folly 19 and the other 13), the trigger shot and the mucus, she felt pretty confident that I was ovulating yesterday. She also said temping is a way less exact science than the ultrasound/trigger shot combo. I have also read that many women's temps drop AFTER o, rather than the day of. So...should I be concerned with my temp dropping today, which would make poor timing for the IUI, or should I go with the nurse's statement that temping is a less exact science and that I ovulated yesterday? The doctor said you KNOW when you ovulate after a trigger shot, but this still makes me nervous.

BTW...if you look at my chart, you'll notice entries for the next few days. I always enter hypothetical temps around this time to see where FF puts my crosshairs.