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Thread: Favorite newborn diaper?

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    Default Favorite newborn diaper?

    In the early stages of deciding what to do...ordered a few BG NB seconds, and have a couple FB XS.

    What has worked for you all?

    With DD we didn't CD till she was older, and DS not until he could fit into my OS, and the few BG sized dipes I have.

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    I really liked Thirsties fitteds. And my own homemade fitteds. But fitteds were my favorite for NB.

    And congrats on another LO on the way!!!

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    My favorite newborn diapers are just prefolds and thirsties covers. They grow out of the newborn size so quickly and prefolds are inexpensive. Congrats on the new little bean!

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    Thanks! Building a small stash of NB fitteds and covers! They are so cute and tiny! I have never CD a NB!

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    I loved my GMD Workhorse Pre-fitteds more than I ever imagined I would. The Litewrap covers were my favorite, too, despite the annoying tag in the front. I also like my thirsties fitteds.
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