Hi ladies,

Did any of you develop post-nasal drip so bad you got a hacking cough? I've had pnd all my life due to allergies and my docs have never cared to treat it. I've had the occasional sore throat because of it, but for about a week now, I've been hacking and my throat is so sore and dried out. I can't moisturize it for very long. In addition, the coughing has made my lower abdomen hurt. I just entered 16 weeks and I don't have an appt until the 24th. I've had pretty bad heartburn/acid reflux so I'm taking Prilosec (just started yesterday) and am hoping maybe the PND is because of the heartburn and will calm down. But I'm so frustrated. I keep waking up to cough or clear my throat. I sound like I have emphysema. Steam and hot showers haven't helped. I'm on Claritin, but a very low dose that doesn't seem to prevent most of my symptoms.

What would you do in my shoes?