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    Default Question about BBT

    Well I think I'm probably out. AF hasn't showed but since my test I thought turned positive I have gotten 3 negatives on frer.

    That was only our 2nd month ttc so this month I am thinking of trying opk's and temping. I'm not sure about temping tho. I work as a store manager of a children's clothing store (think blue bags and you'll know which one). My schedule is all over the place. I woke up at 11 today but tomorrow I will need to be up at 6 for work. Is it even possible for me to temp given my varying shifts?

    Sorry for the long post you all just seem to be the temping experts!

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    You really need to temp around the same time every day for it to be accurate. I would set an alarm to go off at the same time everyday +/- 30-60 mins.

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    You can temp, it might just be confusing ad not as accurate. It seems like some women have pretty stable temps no matter when they take them, but some people vary quite a bit if they wake up at even slightly different times. One thing you could do is just wake up at 6 and then go back to bed if you can. Otherwise, OPK's might be a good way to go, b/c they are not time dependent (though they do not work for everyone)

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    I would set your alarm to go off the earliest you have to wake up for your shifts. If that's 6am then wake up and temp at 6am every day :-) I set my alarm for 8am every day but I always go right back to sleep until DD wakes up. Good luck! And link your chart so we can stalk it :-)

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