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Thread: Can sonograms be wrong?

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    Default Can sonograms be wrong?

    I had a sonogram last week and the baby had a heartbeat of 141 and measured 13 weeks and 3 days. Then I had another one on Friday at the ER because of a fall and they wanted to check my baby but on the paperwork they measured the baby at 13week2 days and a heartbeat 148. Should I be worried? My friend said it depends on the radiologist and technician doing the sonogram and dates can be off by a week and be okay.

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    Yes, they can vary especially when they are measuring the baby when it is so small. The important part was that the baby's heart was beating. The baby's heart beat rate will also vary just ad your does based on activity.
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    U/s are only accurate for dating before 12 weeks. After that they aren't really accurate for dating so don't read anything into it.
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    There was a few days difference in my due VS the U/S for both children. One doctor had my due date at July 31st an old machine the other doctor had my due date as July 24th. I wouldn't worry too much sonograms are always 100% right.

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    Yes, your friend is 100% correct. Things can be off from machine to machine or even person to person on the same machine.
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    Isn't it interesting that they will move your due date back or forward a day based upon an u/s???? Especially when there exists a margin of error???
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