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    I'm not sure how to appropriately approach my situation mentally speaking. My husband and I aren't trying to conceive or prevent it either.. anyways, I'm not sure if I'm pregnant and could use some help interpreting the symptoms I've been having since this would be my first rodeo!

    The common symptoms I've had are breast tenderness. I can barely touch them or breathe without them stinging! Also I've had a really weird craving for tacos/burritos lately. I can't seem to get enough of them I'm someone who usually functions on 4-5 hrs of sleep, but for the past week or so I've been sleeping an upwards of 12-14 hours easily.

    Now, my odd symptoms (or I feel they are odd, because I can't find any information about it) are few, but very noticeable:
    1) I woke up one day almost a week ago (a little less, actually) and found out that my usually firm boobs feel like water balloons with almost a jelly consistency when squeezed. It was very weird. They also feel heavier in the night, but lighter during the day.. I've had chronic back pain all over, instead of just in a local area. They are still like this, but now with the breast tenderness.
    2) My mood swings don't seem to be common (PMS-wise).. I cried this morning because I found my husband looking at a friend's Facebook post.. about their breakfast choices... how dare they mix two cereals together! Along with this, I seem to have a shorter attention span for pretty much anything.
    3) No nausea, but I DO feel sick.. I feel achy all over some days, other days I feel like I have a cold and simply dragged down.

    Now, I have taken one pregnancy test (non-digital, dollar store ones).. It came back inconclusive. I waited the time it required, I also left it alone and flat as it stated to do. It requires two lines for a positive, and it looked like one line formed but the other kind of dripped off into Narnia.. Kind of there, but can't say for sure. I also should be a week off from my expected period.

    Can anyone tell me if they've had something like this, or give me a, "Yep, you're probably a mom in the making!" speech? I'd kind of hate to ruin the surprise to my mother by asking her about symptoms.

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    I had most of the symptoms you're mentioning during this pregnancy, but definitely not until I was 6-8 weeks into my pregnancy. Some women do feel the tender boobs right away though. It seems kind of early for you to be having so many very strong symptoms. Wait until your period is due and take another test. Make sure the test uses pink dye and not blue.

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