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    Due to a very large cyst on my ovary, my RE has had me on BC. At my last U/S, the cyst was nearly gone, finally. Yay!

    My RE told me to finish off the cycle with BC, then call when my period started. However, due to various circumstances, I did not start my BC until CD 5. In order to "finish off" the cycle, what would you do? Stop taking them on CD 21, and just not take the first skipped pills? Or keep taking them, and take the last one on CD 26? Keeping in mind, it will probably take my period a week to start, so that would give me something like a 35 day cycle...

    Of course, I am dying to get on with my next IUI, so I want to just skip those first pills, but not sure what's the right thing to do...

    PS- I'm very tired tonight, so please forgive me if my math is wrong, hopefully you get the idea!

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    I would finish the pack, then wait for AF. As much as that sucks
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    I would just finish the whole pack and wait for your period. I was in a similar situation with being on BC for a cyst, and although I got the all clear with four or five active pills remaining, I decided for my own peace of mind that I just wanted AF to come as usually scheduled. In the scheme of things it's only a few days, and I've waited this long, so what's the hurry over a few measly days?

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    I would also finish them. If you don't, your cycle could get completely out of whack and it would be more than 35 days potentially for you. At least I think that's accurate
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    ...I agree with the others.

    I'm so excited for you to get started on your next iui journey and really really praying for success!

    Thinking of you!

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    Thanks all!

    That's what I was worried about, but you all make me feel better knowing it's the best thing to do.

    And thanks, Kelly, I'm very excited to start trying again!

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