Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some advise from you all.

I had my last period from December 15 - December 20. After that, from December 24 - January 27, me and my fiancÚ have been having unprotected sex pretty much every day. Then on January 27, I started what normally would have been my period, though it only lasted three days, whereas for as long as I can remember, it has been five days. It was also much lighter, mostly brown discharges with some red in there.
Since then, I've been.. 'aware' of my uterus, if that makes any sense. I can feel it is there, something I've never felt before. Sometimes it cramps up a little, mostly to the sides, and my lower back has been slightly hurting. Other things I've been feeling even before the bleeding, are nauseous, light-headed/dizzy, and extremely tired. Can't really say much about how my breast feel, because I've had surgery on them a couple of years ago.. Also, for the past few mornings my urine has been cloudy, but I'm absolutely sure I don't have an UTI or kidney problems, or anything of that kind. Oh, and stopped taking my pill since August 2012.

Being pregnant would be unexpected, but not unwanted. The timing would just be kind of bad, since I just have a new job, and my fiancÚ lives in Florida, while I live in Europe. It would make things a little difficult, but nothing we couldn't handle

So what's your opinions? Could I be pregnant? Because I don't know what to think of all of this