So today my DS1 had a full evaluation and finally received the diagnosis of developmental dyspraxia and sensory integration disorder. We always knew he was different so we are not surprised at all. The diagnosis really fits his symptoms and behavior. His kindergarden evaluation (by different group) came that he is not ready for kinder emotionally, behaviorally and academically (again, this is not a surprise for us). We were told by several people (the evaluator today, the preschool teacher, the person who did the kinder eval) that he will not do well in public kinder - the classes are 30-32 students on one teacher. The diagnosis indicates learning disability so he needs more attention and directions. So which route will you take if you were in my shoes and why.

1. Go to public school first - have an IEP and see how much they can accommodate him.
2. Send him to private developmental kindergarden to help his academics and once he is ready for 1st grade decide what to do next.
3. Start homeschooling part time (send him to private Christian school 2 a week and teach him 3 days at home)
4. Homeschool full time