Parker's teacher came out to my car yesterday at pick up time to tell me that Parker complained of chest pains at school. It was after lunch and they were sitting down (so no running around...nothing physical, etc). She doesn't eat fast at all....she's a super slow eater so I don't think its from eating too fast. She had nothing acidic in her lunch (she has a little cut on her lip so I was very careful not to put anything in her lunch that would make her lip sting). She only drinks water. She hasn't been sick recently. Teachers didn't call me because there was no breathing issues, no color change, Parker was not agitated by it, but they did have her sit quietly and they read to her for a little while. She said it wasn't her belly but up in her chest (parker pointed to where it hurt. I wanted her to show me incase she was confusing tummy with chest).

Anywho, I googled it and its says its NOT UNCOMMON. I thought that was weird. Has any of your kids complained of chest pains? I'm not uber concerned right now but if it happens again I'll take her to the doc (however, I'm not fond of our doc so I don't think they'll do too much).