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    Hi Everyone
    My last period ended just before my birthday, so I'm going to say around December 9th as a guesstimate I can't remember the exact date. Here we are 2/1/13 and I have not had my period since then. I have never been late like this-only 2 days late at the most before. I've taken 2 pregnancy tests since I missed January's period and they've come up negative. Do you think I am pregnant? I don't have insurance or qualify for any kind of gyn care-I've actually never even been to one. I'm not sure where to go from here or what to do? In my head I'm thinking ok either I'm pregnant or something is

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    30 views and no replies well that sucks...guess I'll try another forum..

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    Things can be very slow in the afternoon.

    I would try to get in to see a doctor since you are approaching 2 months and no period. It could be pregnancy (some women don't test positive with a urine test for awhile) or it could be something else.
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    See if there is a free clinic or planned parenthood near you. You really need to see a dr. Good luck!

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    Do try a local clinic, or call your health department! They will be very helpful getting you on the right path with tests and referrals for free.

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